Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Diaper duty

With Matteo due to be born in two short months...I've been thinking a lot about diapers. Odd thing to think about I guess but since i haven't had a baby in thirteen years..standing in the diaper aisle of the department store sent me into a full blown tale spin with so many choices. I stopped the first well put together mother I saw..dragging two small boys behind her which diapers she preferred. She told me Pampers for boys worked best. Hmmm...I there a difference between Pampers verses Huggies verses Luvs? ..just to mention some of the top name brands.
I am head over heels in love with idea of cloth. Ecstatic to see them making a come back.Thrilled with how easy they appear to fasten now.  The idea, yes, I love the idea...the reality is I am going back to work and do I really want to place the burden of cloth diapers on another unsuspecting party to agrees to care for my baby while work at 12 hour shift? I ran into a woman by chance at my job who has business washing and folding and delivering cloth diapers..just $25 a week. Sadly not in my area but she does have my thinker thinking.

 And then my head starts going over the safety and cleanliness issues. And I start to panic about toxins. I google and see organic is always good. Next clock I find chlorine free diapers. I didnt know chlorine was in diapers and what is the issue chlorine in diapers? Well come to find out its in the gel of disposable diapers and is linked to cancer. 

I found some really cool corn based material diapers filled with only plant based absorbers. Totally earth friendly that way too. Eighteen dollars a box but you cant just stop at the store and buy them so with five dollars shipping...and about 35 diapers in a box..well what's a broke mommy to do? 
So I want to know..What diapers did you choose for your baby? What were your reasons for doing choosing a specific brand or type?


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  1. What diapers did you end up using?